AVOID HIGH LEGAL FEES on your MUSIC SUPERVISION, CLEARANCES and LICENSING.  I have well over 15 years experience in clearance and licensing of music for a variety of media.  I will also be likely to charge you less than an attorney would.   


                                                          MUSIC SUPERVISION
Initial consultation and/or recommendations for source (background) music to enhance your film or video production. 
I co-wrote this song THE GAME GOES POW! and we licensed the song to ESPN's TV show "First Take" this summer (8/15).  you can hear a sample here and go to or iTunes to purchase the entire track. 
This is a branding and music email that I sent to my client list earlier this year
                                                            MUSIC CLEARANCES
I will give you signed confirmation letters and/or emails for proof that permission has been granted to you and these may be sent to your distributor as part of your initial delivery. 
                                                             MUSIC LICENSING
I will issue and/or review the music license agreements for your compositions and master recordings for final delivery to your distributor.  
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