Page 3 - Less Expensive Music Fees / More Income
I recently had a meeting with an entertainment lawyer and we were discussing that as the indie film and media industries continue to evolve, the delivery requirements and the music rights needed, may be evolving also.  Based on this conversation and my own recent experiences,I wanted to point out that there may be ways to clear music for less money with fewer rights.  Below on the left is a possible breakdown of just two ways this could be done.
DVD, VOD, all TV, internet, future media and excluding theatrical or a very limited theatrical release, world, in perpetuity;
as above without any other TV or limited to cable TV only

In addition, if a deal could be made with the right new music licensing companies, perhaps a soundtrack album can be compiled available for downloading only.  This could be another revenue source for the production. 
In the event the film producer will have ownership of the motion picture score for the film, the production will be receiving royalties from a PRO when the film airs on TV and in foreign markets.
Now more than ever there are also many oppourtunities to find in-expensive music from a variety of unsigned artists on various websites. 
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